From our humble beginnings as a furniture trader, we now export our handcrafted pieces all over the world.


About Us Milestones 1986

EMBOWOOD was initially started in 1986 as a trading company dealing in the importing and exporting of sofas and furniture. Our imports were taken from within the ASEAN region and then exported to many markets in Europe and Australasia.    1986

About Us Milestones 1988 Factory

However, due to product delivery delays and quality control problems caused by suppliers, we decided, in 1988, to establish our own production facility. In order to maintain a high level of quality and to allow for lower costs, our production facility was set up with component-part production systems in place. This enabled us to ensure premium quality right from the foundations of our products and also allowed for easy customisation.   1990

About Us Milestones 1990

The 1990s marked a period of rapid expansion as we became the manufacturer of choice for a number of international big box furniture stores around the globe.


About Us Milestones 1998

The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 as well as the emerging role of China as a powerful manufacturer caused the management to rethink the strategic direction of Embowood. Rather than producing simple and standard upholstered furniture that did not require much technical and artistic skill, we decided to develop our expertise in the crafting of the Chesterfield. This change in strategic direction saw the creation of core capabilities within the company that would prove to be our competitive edge many years later.    1998

About Us Milestones 2000

In 2000, our company achieved the ISO 9001-2000 certification in Quality Management, an indication of our dedication towards achieving consistently high quality in our products.   2000

About Us Milestones 2006

As our company recognised the importance of an online presence in reaching out to new clients and customers, we launched in 2006.


With its earthy tones and deep hues, the website sought to establish Embowood as a premium manufacturer of traditional and antique-style furniture. 


About Us Milestones 2013

In 2013, we unveiled our new brand identity – a sleek new logo, refreshed corporate colors as well as a revamped website. This refreshed identity will see Embowood through its next decade of growth – not only as a premium furniture manufacturer, but also as a retailer of its own hand-crafted lifestyle products.   2013small